Mark Janus has brought his case with the help of attorneys from the Liberty Justice Center and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

Jacob Huebert - Liberty Justice Center

Jacob Huebert

Jacob Huebert is the director of litigation at the Liberty Justice Center. Huebert litigates cases to protect economic liberty, the First Amendment and other constitutional rights in federal and state courts. Huebert is leading the Liberty Justice Center’s challenges to compulsory unionization on multiple fronts. Not only is Huebert representing the plaintiff in in Janus v. ASFCME, but he also is defending one of the nation's first local Right-to-Work ordinances in a case that is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Huebert’s writing has appeared in numerous scholarly, professional and popular publications, including the Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. Huebert appears frequently on top public affairs and news programs. Huebert earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School and is a former clerk to a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

William Messenger - National Right To Work

William Messenger

William Messenger is a staff attorney at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.  Messenger has litigated nearly 100 cases including over a dozen at the Appellate-level on behalf of Foundation-aided employees and other individuals. His cases defend workers’ freedom from compulsory unionism and focus on the First Amendment and other constitutional rights. He has argued twice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Messenger successfully argued Harris v. Quinn in 2014, securing a Supreme Court ruling that requiring homecare providers to pay union fees violated the First Amendment.

Messenger has argued many cutting-edge labor law cases including a recent challenge to a Seattle ordinance designed to force ridesharing drivers into compulsory unionism, which is currently before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. As a recognized expert, he has testified before Congress and has been quoted in numerous media outlets ranging from Fox News to National Public Radio. Messenger graduated cum laude from George Washington University Law School and has been a Foundation staff attorney since 2001.