Upholding the rights of government employees in Illinois

For more than 40 years, government workers were forced to give part of each paycheck to highly political government unions as a condition of working in public service. Millions of public school teachers, first responders, social workers and even municipal workers were forced to give a portion of each week’s pay to government unions, regardless of whether these employees wanted affiliation with a union at their workplace. But thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, that practice now is illegal.

The Supreme Court ruled on June 27, 2018 in Janus v. AFSCME that a government employer cannot deduct union dues or fees from employees’ paychecks unless the employee has “clearly and affirmatively” consented to the deduction.

If you are a government or public employee, no dues or fees should be coming out of your paycheck unless you have provided consent since the Janus ruling on June 27, 2018.

In some cases, it has been decades since government employees provided authorization for dues deduction. Some may not remember authorizing dues deduction. No matter what the situation is, no deductions should be occurring unless you have provided consent since the Janus decision was issued.

Any previous authorizations for dues or fees deductions made before the Janus decision were based on a choice the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional: become a member and pay dues, or pay fees to a union as a nonmember. Therefore, government employers cannot deduct union dues or fees from any public employees’ paychecks unless employees have authorized these deductions since the June 27, 2018 Supreme Court ruling

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Bottom Line: No government employer should be deducting union dues or fees from your paycheck. Following the ruling in Janus v. AFSCME on June 27, 2018, all public sector employers in Illinois should have halted all union deduction from employee paychecks unless employees have recently authorized such deductions.

Unfortunately not all public employers are following the Supreme Court’s ruling. By violating the Court’s ruling, these employers are violating your rights as an employee.

All government employees have the right to decide for themselves whether to join and/or fund a union at their workplace. The Court said financially supporting a government union must be a conscious choice – not something you are grandfathered into or pressured into doing. And no employer, politician or government union should stand in the way of workers’ exercising their rights.

Contact the Liberty Justice Center if your employer is still deducting union dues from your paycheck without your clear consent since June 27, 2018. If you’ve decided union membership is not right for you, we can help you exercise your right to leave the union and stop paying the union.

The Liberty Justice Center fought for Mark Janus all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we’ll fight for you, too! Our work in Janus v. AFSCME restored Mark’s First Amendment rights and the rights of millions of other government employees across the U.S. Find out more about the Liberty Justice Center.

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