Mattos v. AFSCME Council 3

Herald Mail Media: Washington County man lead plaintiff in union-fee lawsuit against AFSCME

A Washington County man is leading a class-action lawsuit which aims to return roughly $7 million in union fees Maryland state employees were forced to pay.

Washington Times: Maryland govt. workers sue AFSCME union, demand refunds of illegally collected dues

Nineteen public sector employees in Maryland filed a class action against their labor union this week, demanding a refund for dues they were forced to pay before the Supreme Court outlawed the mandatory fees last year.

Fox45 News: Federal lawsuit claims MD state workers were forced to pay union fees, demands refund

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday morning in Federal Court, represents 19 Maryland State Employees including Correctional Dietary Officer, Gary Mattos. “I found out I was paying over $400 a year just to have a state job,” Mattos says, “And I think that's wrong.”

Washington Examiner: Maryland state workers sue union, alleging it defied Janus ruling and coerced dues

The suit argues the union is acting in defiance of the Supreme Court's 2018 Janus v. AFSCME  ruling, which strictly limited the ability of public sector unions to coerce dues payments from workers who don't wish to join a union.