Oliver v. SEIU

Lebanon Daily News: Lebanon County employees sue over forced union dues

The Lebanon County lawsuit says the four employees informed Teamsters in July and September that they wished to resign from the union and to stop the withholding of union fees from their paychecks. The union insisted they could not immediately resign, the complaint alleges.

An attorney for the four employees then asked Lebanon County in October to stop withholding dues, but the county did not, it continues.

'Like it was a blood contract': State worker suing SEIU 668 details long road to exit union

Since 2014, Shalea Oliver has seen thousands of dollars removed from her paycheck to fund an organization and political efforts that she does not support. When she tried to push back against those deductions, she faced indifference and a refusal to help from the very people who claimed to represent her.

Pennsylvania Watchdog: Unions kept collecting dues after workers quit

Pennsylvania lawmakers were warned last fall that if the state didn't amend its laws to comply with the terms of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Janus v. AFSCME ruling, the result could be a host of legal complications. That warning is now ringing true.