Adams v. Teamsters

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power.

Unions know that and deliberately keep information from their members. A recent article in Trib Live highlights the experience of Francisco Molina, a former SEIU shop steward. His efforts to share information about union guidelines and practices with his colleagues were not appreciated by union officials. And when he alerted his co-workers to a union initiative that would require them to pay union dues “even if they found another job or stopped being union members,” he was pushed out.

Pennsylvania can no longer ignore its employees' rights

Last fall we contacted government leaders in more than a dozen states, alerting them the Janus v. AFSCME decision had restored government workers’ constitutional rights and freed them from mandatory union membership. 

We also warned these public officials that they needed to fulfill their responsibilities and enforce that law. If they failed to do so, we would take action on behalf of government workers in their states. They not only ignored, but openly defied the Supreme Court ruling.

So we’re taking action.