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States Choose Unions…Over Workers’ Rights

A few weeks ago we told you about letters the Liberty Justice Center sent to government officials across the country. In these letters, we reminded them that no union dues or fees should be deducted from workers’ paychecks unless workers give “clear and affirmative consent,” per the Supreme Court’s June ruling in my case

We just heard back from the Attorneys General in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. Here’s what they said: No, the Supreme Court ruling does not apply to them. 

From their joint letter:

“Public sector unions play a critical role in our communities and states… we have no intention to cease collecting union membership dues.”

Here’s the thing: The Supreme Court was clear. No dues should come out of workers’ checks unless workers have said they want to give money to a government union. But these Attorneys General seem to believe the ruling does not apply to them and their states.

This is unconstitutional and a gross violation of citizen’s rights, not to mention the public trust. These Attorneys General should uphold and abide by the law – not obstruct it.

The attorneys at the Liberty Justice Center are already working with plaintiffs in many of these states to bring lawsuits against government officials who violate workers’ rights, but we need your help. We must stand together against politicians who ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling. 

Please spread the word to your colleagues, your family and your friends – government employees now have the right to choose whether they pay a government union at their workplace, and they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to exercise that right. If your employer or union is saying you cannot opt out, you’ve missed the “opt out window,” or they will not stop deducting dues from your paycheck because you have been “grandfathered into” a union, we can help!