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The Liberty Justice Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest litigation center founded to fight against government overreach.

The very best example of our ability to turn that vision a reality is in our victory in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Janus v. AFSCME. For 40 years, millions of government workers across the country were forced to fund union politics and policies with which they disagreed, granting enormous political power and leverage to government unions. But with our victory in Janus v. AFSCME, that practice is now illegal and the First Amendment rights of millions of public school teachers, first responders, and other government workers have been restored.

The Liberty Justice Center provides free legal representation to the people whose cases we take on. We do not accept any government funding; we are supported entirely by the voluntary contributions of people who believe in protecting economic liberty, private property rights, free speech, and other fundamental rights.

How We Can Help

The Supreme Court ruled in June 2018 that no government worker in America can be forced to pay fees, dues, or other money to a government union as a condition of working in public service. But since the Supreme Court’s ruling, many government workers have run into roadblocks when trying to exit their union or stop paying. If you are being pressured to join a union, sign a union card, or are being told that you cannot leave the union—let us know. We’re here to help. We fought for Mark Janus all the way to the Supreme Court, and we’ll fight for you, too.