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Latest case: a refund for New Mexico workers

We’re taking the fight for workers’ rights to New Mexico! 

Brett Hendrickson is an employee for the state’s Human Services Department. When the U.S. Supreme Court decision was delivered on June 27, he asked to end his union membership. Brett was told he could only opt out during a two week period.

I may sound like a broken record, but that’s wrong. Unconstitutional. 

Prior to the Janus decision, workers were given an unconstitutional choice: join the union or pay fair share fees. After the decision they should be free to withdraw from the forced agreement immediately. 

Unions aren’t listening to their members, the only way to force them to respect workers’ rights is through litigation. So we’re fighting on behalf of Brett and other New Mexico state employees asking the union to let him out andrefund the fees he has paid since he joined the union.

Hopefully this will make the union listen to its members. If you are being told you can’t leave your government union, please contact us! We have already helped many workers get out of their union after they were refused and we can help you.