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What do the elections results mean for workers’ rights

There is a question that is probably on many of our minds this week – what impact will the midterm elections have on workers’ rights?

The Supreme Court restored our First Amendment rights this summer, but government officials and unions in some states have been slow to implement, many refusing outright to put the rights of workers over union interests.

In the 13 states where we’re pursuing justice for government employees, nine have just elected governors who oppose workplace freedom. Fortunately, we’re already working to address these developments. When politicians refuse to implement the Supreme Court ruling, litigation is needed to make them pay attention.

Across the US we’re already helping government employees whose requests to leave their unions and stop paying dues were denied. For many, just having the Liberty Justice Center get involved has brought them freedom, for others we’re filing lawsuits on their behalf.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for news on the litigation front!