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Celebrating workers’ choices

Several reports have come through my inbox I think are worth sharing: 

Based on the most recent federal Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the California Policy Center reports that not only did 41,000 people in the Golden State stop paying agency fees, but union membership dropped by 86,000 members. 

In Oregon, the Freedom Foundation determined that 26% of SEIU 503 members, Oregon’s largest government union, were no longer paying dues by the end of December 2018.

For me it’s not about people opting out of their unions. It’s about government employees finally being free to exercise their constitutional rights and make a decision about union membership that is right for them and their families. These two reports show well over 100,000 workers were able to make that choice. THAT is cause for celebration. 

The Manhattan Institute’s report assessing the impact Janus v. AFSCME has had on public sector employees and unions highlights where there’s still work to do.

The Institute’s report details the new laws passed to empower unions at the detriment of public servants:

  • New laws restrict government employers and outside groups from informing employees about their constitutional rights regarding union membership.

  • Laws also protect arbitrary opt-out windows that limit when workers can leave their union.

  • Proposed laws cut employees’ pay so governments can fund unions directly.

This report isn’t telling us anything that we don’t know, and in some folks’ cases are experiencing first hand, but it offers a useful 30,000 foot view of the many ways government unions and politicians are attempting to invalidate government workers’ rights and the Supreme Court ruling.

Fortunately we have more good news on the horizon, stay tuned for details on our next cases!