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Mark Janus to receive “profile in courage” award

We are pleased to announce that Mark Janus is being recognized for his courage in standing up for his rights against politicians and the union. As you know, Mark took his fight against mandatory union fees all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court — and won. Because of his bravery, more than five million government workers across the nation have had their First Amendment rights restored.

Mark is being awarded the National Review Institute’s 2019 Whittaker Chambers Award which was established in 2017 to honor a “profile in courage.” This award feels particularly fitting as today marks the one-year anniversary of our oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

“I am incredibly honored to receive the Whittaker Chambers Award from the National Review Institute. Being American is about standing up for your principles, fighting for your rights and helping others,” said Mark Janus. “I am proud of the impact we’ve had because of my case and I will continue to fight for worker freedom.”

The journey to having government employees’ rights restored has not been an easy one, and it continues. But thanks to courage of Americans like Mark, one day soon all public servants will see their First Amendment rights put above the special interests of unions and politicians.