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Not even the letter of the law…much less the spirit

I still find it surprising the lengths some politicians will go to ensure that government union interests prevail and that state employees’ constitutional rights are overruled.

Connecticut has plans to trap government workers into financially supporting the union whether they want to or not. Two House Democrats have filed a bill that would allow government employees to resign from the union, but require them to continue paying dues until the window of time spelled out on their union card. Cards “signed” when paying money to government unions was a condition of working in public service, a requirement ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

California has made exercising one’s right to leave a government union even more cumbersome and difficult. They passed a gag order that prevents employers from telling government workers about their rights — employees can only communicate with and get clarity from the union they’re trying to leave.

Ahead of the Supreme Court ruling, Hawaii passed a statewide opt-out window limiting the time period government workers can exercise their rights. The state’s attorney general knows this goes against the Janus decision and said they’d just have wait and see if it is challenged. We are

Oregon’s proposed law is perhaps the most outrageous. They want to give all government workers a pay cut and direct that money into a slush fund to directly pay unions the equivalent of employees’ dues. Unions continue to benefit at the expense of public servants and taxpayers. 

Workers are busy doing their jobs, most won’t have the time or energy to jump through those hoops. That’s probably what the unions, and the politicians who support them, are counting on.

We’re currently working with government employees around the country to help them navigate these roadblocks to their constitutional rights. If you know someone in ConnecticutCaliforniaHawaiiOregon, or in any state, facing these challenges, have them contact us!