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This is the reality for many government workers

This is the reality for many government workers:

“Shalea Oliver had been trying to leave her union for more than a year when she found a website offering help. It had a template resignation letter that she could send to her union, SEIU Local 668, and a form to fill out if the letter wasn’t effective, which she did…” 

All over the country, teachers, firefighters, caseworkers and other public servants are discovering they now have a voice and choice when it comes to union membership. They’re also discovering that the unions are making it difficult to exercise those rights. Fortunately, this Philadelphia Inquirer story is positive:  

“…Next, an organization called the Liberty Justice Center got in touch.”

Shalea’s struggle has been captured in this recent Philadelphia Inquirer article. She is at the heart of one of our most recent cases in Pennsylvania — a case brought with the goal of forcing lawmakers and union officials to recognize public employees’ First Amendment rights. 

Unions and government officials decided to brazenly ignore workers’ rights and the Supreme Court ruling, raising insurmountable barriers that make it nearly impossible for employees like Shalea to leave the union through their own efforts. 

We’re here to give those employees hope and to force officials to recognize they are not above the law and public employees’ rights must be respected and enforced. If you or someone you know is having difficulty leaving their union, please have them get in touch with us

If you’re wondering what you can do to help, make sure any government workers in your circle know their rights. They are free to be in a union or to leave the union, and no one should prevent them, harass them, or penalize them for that decision!