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Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power.

Unions know that and deliberately keep information from their members. A recent article in Trib Live highlights the experience of Francisco Molina, a former SEIU shop steward. His efforts to share information about union guidelines and practices with his colleagues were not appreciated by union officials. And when he alerted his co-workers to a union initiative that would require them to pay union dues “even if they found another job or stopped being union members,” he was pushed out.

Molina’s experience is not uncommon, which is why we’ve already filed two lawsuits in his home state of Pennsylvania. In fact, unions in many states are not content with the current obstacles government workers face. They’re pushing for laws that will give them full access to new employees and in some cases even “gag order” legislation to prevent employers or other organizations from telling employees they have a choice when it comes to union membership.

The injustice of this unbelievable. Hard working Americans around the country aren’t asking for special rights, they just want their constitutional rights to be upheld the same as everyone else. They’ve chosen careers in public service, but the unions want them to sacrifice more so they can benefit.

I’m not anti-union, I just believe in choice. If you also believe government employees have a right to decide for themselves, make sure you tell everyone you meet about their newly restored rights. 

Knowledge is power, and it’s time that power was restored to everyone.