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Informed decisions

I just got back from Pennsylvania. I met with fellow workers who are fighting to be let out of their union and the folks who are working to ensure government workers’ rights are recognized in the Commonwealth. 

told them I started this fight because I believe workers should have a choice. Let workers decide what’s best for them – union or not. 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges workers face is just becoming informed of their rights. Many workers have no idea that they now have a voice, and a choice when it comes to union membership. 

It doesn’t help that unions are working with politicians to enact laws that make it even harder for public employees to find out. Check out the cumbersome steps one New York union has put in place for its members to request information about union political spending.

You can help by getting the word out about these newly restored constitutional rights! All government workers should be aware they have options — their jobs are no longer dependent on paying union dues or fees. 

And if they face pushback or unfair tactics should they choose not to be part of a union, as in the case of our Pennsylvania clients, the Liberty Justice Center is here to help. We’re working to make sure all public employees are free to exercise their First Amendment rights