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Be heard

As a fair share member of the government union at my work place, I never felt heard. 

I didn’t want to be a member of the union, yet they represented me in contract negotiations. I didn’t agree with their politics, yet the fees taken from my paycheck supported their political agenda. 

Filing my case was empowering. In that moment I finally felt heard. And when we went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won I knew my voice made a difference. 

You can be heard too.

This week, Laura Loescher, a child care manager at a Minnesota school district, sued her union and employer to stop illegal dues deductions. She told The Twin Cities Pioneer Press about her efforts to resign from her union, Education Minnesota, “…I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to exercise that fundamental right.” Now Laura’s suing her union and school district with the help of Center of the American Experience and the Upper Midwest Law Center. 

Shalea Oliver is being heard too. She is telling her story on her terms — without interference from her former union, SEIU. Last week, the Philadelphia Inquirerpublished her op-ed: 

“…when I told SEIU representatives that I wanted to resign the union cared even less about what I had to say than before… 

“Only after the union and the Commonwealth learned I had lawyers on my side did they stop deducting union dues, almost six months after my letters demanding the dues deductions stop.”

Government unions and politicians are powerful. The only way to counter that power and challenge the status quo is to speak out and share our stories. 

If you need help, the Liberty Justice Center will make sure your government union finally hears you.