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A Small Window of Opportunity

Dear friends,

“Do unions believe in the rule of law? That’s an urgent question as unions and their political friends try to circumvent the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in June blocking the forced collection of union fees.”

This week The Wall Street Journal editorial board championed the cause of “real” workplace freedom. The editorial highlighted incidents across the U.S. where politicians and unions are trying to trick and coerce members into paying union dues, often through the use of confusing and limited opt out “windows.” Here are a few examples from the article:

  • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law that only gives workers 10 days a year to opt out of union membership. 

  • Some AFSCME employees in Minnesota only have a two-week time period to opt out of union membership.

  • Members of a Teamster union in California say they’re being told they can’t stop paying dues until their collective bargaining agreement ends… in 2022! 

  • New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli declared the state will take their orders to deduct dues from the unions – not from workers.

The list of outrageous reasons workers are being told they can’t exercise their rights goes on and on.

The Supreme Court has declared that government workers cannot be forced to fund a union to keep their job, but it appears many politicians and unions feel like the law doesn’t apply to them.

We’re going to set them straight. The Liberty Justice Center will be fighting for workers in every state until all public-sector employees are free to exercise their right to leave a union.

If you are getting pushback leaving your union, facing an unreasonable opt out window, or are being intimidated or given the run-around when try to resign, we can help!